Uganda: If Two Elephants Fight, It Is The Grass That Suffers

In northern Uganda a brutal war has been raging for more than 20 years, which was barely noted by the International Community until the 2012 Youtube video called KONY 2012 gained impressive public attention with more than one hundred million views on this quite elaborated video campaign. However the attention has dropped as fast as it had swept into the Facebook and Google accounts of a more and more online engaged international civil society and the conflict was forgotten all over again.

Uganda - a Model of Transition and Transformation?

Thirty years ago Austria helped the different Ugandan political forces to find a national compromise. 1985, in a small village in Lower Austria the then Austrian foreign minister Erwin Lanc managed to bring several leaders to this place and helped them to agree for starting a new free and democratic Uganda. Shortly after that – in 1986- President Museveni came to power and is governing the country and dominating the political scene ever since. But it seems he himself is not convinced of the sustainability of peace and stability because he runs again for President at the next election in 2016.