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Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Space Revisited

The International Institute for Peace (IIP) cordially invites you to the upcoming panel discussion on the topic:

Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Space Revisited


Date:                                          Thursday, April 4, 2019

Time:                                          7:00 pm                    

Venue:                                        International Institute for Peace, 

                                                    Möllwaldplatz 5/II, 1040 Vienna, Austria, 




·       ALEXANDER DUBOWY, Scientific Coordinator, Research Center for Eurasian Studies, University of Vienna; Scientific Director, Institute for Security Policy (ISP)

·       ALEXANDER ISKANDARYAN, Director, Caucasus Institute Yerevan

·       SERGEY MARKEDONOV, Leading Researcher, Center for Euro-Atlantic Security, MGIMO Institute for International Studies




·      ANGELA KANE, Vice-President IIP, former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs


After the breakup of the Soviet Union, political and geographical landscape of the European continent has radically changed. The former Warsaw pact states in Eastern Europe chose the path of integration with the ‘West’, forging a new Central European identity and joining the EU and NATO during the first decade of the new millennium. The former Soviet republics, situated in-between the enlarged EU and Russia have fared quite differently in terms of their political, security, or, as termed by some analysts, ‘civilizational’ preferences. The breakup of the Soviet Union did not follow the borders formed during the Soviet period in all cases. A number of newly independent states, including Russian Federation, have faced severe challenges in the form of separatist movements and even ethno-political conflicts; as a result de facto entities emerged that have received only partial international recognition or no recognition at all.

The panel will discuss the issue of de facto statehood in the post-Soviet space, the role of the external actors for the conflict resolution, how Russia’s policy in the post-Soviet space plays into its overall foreign policy strategy, what is Moscow’s interest in resolving or sustaining the ongoing conflicts, what is the current and will be the future status of the protracted conflicts.


The Discussion will be held in English.


The IIP invites to snacks and drinks after the event!





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