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A Future for the INF Treaty?

  • Intenrational Insitute for Peace 5 Möllwaldplatz Wien, Wien, 1040 Austria (map)

The International Institute for Peace (IIP) cordially invites you to the upcoming panel discussion on the topic:

A Future for the INF Treaty?

Date:                                           Monday, 11th of February 2019

Time:                                           6:00 pm                    

Venue:                                        International Institute for Peace, 

                                                     Möllwaldplatz 5/II, 1040 Vienna, Austria, 



Welcome speech:

·      SWOBODA Hannes, President of the IIP, Vienna, former MEP



·      ULYANOV, Mikhail, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the International Organizations in Vienna;

· PLATH, Cynthia, Deputy Permanent Representative, U.S. Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva

·      KANE, Angela, former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairsand the Vice President of the IIP;

·      GÄRTNER, Heinz, University of Vienna, IIP;



·      FENKART, Stephanie, Director of the IIP



The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty was concluded in 1987 between the United States and the Soviet Union and has remained in force until today, with the Russian Federation succeeding the Soviet Union in this treaty. The treaty required countries to destroy their stocks of ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with a range between 500 and 5,500 km. As a result of the implementation of the INF Treaty, the United States and the Soviet Union destroyed a total of 2.692 short, medium, and intermediate-range missiles by summer 1991. 

 Since July 2014 the U.S. have repeatedly made claims about violations of the Treaty by Russia. In March 2017, a U.S. official declared that Russia had begun deploying the noncompliant missiles – an allegation that was denied by Moscow. Russia, in fact, has also accused the U.S. of being in violation of the INF, namely for deploying in Romania its missile defense systems that can hold intermediate range missiles as well as selling such systems to Japan. In October 2018, President Trump declared his intention to “terminate” the treaty in light of Russian violations and fearing that China, which is not part of the treaty, has taken advantage in East-Asia by deploying there its intermediate range missiles. Russia responded by blaming the U.S. for violations and expressed similar concerns about the fact that the limitations imposed by the INF do not concern other nuclear powers, such as Pakistan, India or China. In early December 2018 the U.S. Secretary of State announced that the United States would withdraw from the treaty if Russia failed to comply with its provisions within 60 days. The announcement caused an immediate response from Moscow, with President Vladimir Putin denying any treaty violations and warning Washington that Russia will start developing the intermediate range weapons if the United States did. 

This panel will discuss what future awaits the INF Treaty, how its very probable collapse will affect the regional arms control regime, as well as global security overall. Among speakers will be representatives of the United States and the Russian Federation, as well as international experts on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.


The Discussion will be held in English. 

The IIP invites to snacks and drinks after the event!




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