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New Developments in the South Caucasus and the Role of Russia

  • International Institute for Peace (IIP) 5 Möllwaldplatz Wien, Wien, 1040 Austria (map)


The International Institute for Peace (IIP) cordially invites you to a small new year reception and the upcoming panel discussion on the topic:

 ‘New Developments in the South Caucasus and the Role of Russia’ 

Date:                                           Wednesday, 16th of January 2019

Time:                                           6:00 pm                   

Venue:                                        International Institute for Peace,

                                                   Möllwaldplatz 5/II, 1040 Vienna, Austria,



      LEILA ALIEVA, CARA/IFK_Fellow, Senior Common Room member of St. Antony’s College, Oxford University;

ALEXANDRA DIENES, Research Associate, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung;

ALEXANDER DUBOWY, Scientific Director, Institute for Security Policy (ISP); Senior Researcher, Scientific Cluster for Polemology and Legal Ethics, National Defence Academy | University of Vienna


      SWOBODA Hannes, President of the International Institute for Peace, Vienna, former MEP



The Caucasus region, historically and geographically, has an important strategic relevance for the Russian Federation. It is the gate towards Iran, Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries, and it is also closely tied to Russian history due to its Soviet past. Even though the economic relevance of the South Caucasus for Russia decreases and fewer Russian natives are living in the region, it still plays a central geopolitical role. The so-called frozen conflicts in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Nagorny Karabakh are important tools for Russia in order to diminish the influence of the US, NATO and the EU and to secure its sphere of influence. However, Russia does not play a genuine destructive role in the region, it is also the most important economic partner for the South Caucasus and sometimes even serves as a mediator between conflicting countries. What challenges and opportunities can be foreseen for the countries in the future? What role does the big and powerful neighbor Russia play and how can security be guaranteed in the region? What can be expected from the new Georgian president and what are the challenges and opportunities of the political landscape in Armenia resulting from the protests in 2018? How does Azerbaijan adapt to the different circumstances and what is the role of international actors like US, NATO and the EU in the region?

These and other questions will be analyzed and discussed by our distinguished panelists.

 The IIP also invites you for a small New Year celebration with drinks and snacks after the panel discussion.

The Discussion will be held in English. 




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