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International Peace Studies Conference Vienna

  • Diplomatische Akademie Wien (map)

Call for Papers

The Academic Council on the United Nations System, Vienna Liaison Office, is pleased to announce a call for papers for its international conference on peace-making and contact management, the Vienna Peace Studies Conference 2018.

The conference will focus on successful examples of peace-making, peacekeeping, trust building and enhancing dialogue between hostile communities. The conference will provide an opportunity for young academics, graduate students, scholars, practitioners, and subject-matter experts from around the world to come together and share their knowledge and expertise on matters relating to peace, security, development, and the United Nations system. The conference aims to establish itself as a key forum for dialogue on positive and sustainable peace.

Authors are welcome to submit paper abstracts for consideration on a variety of topics including:

  •  Community-based Conflict Management and Resolution
  •  Conflict Management

  •  Disarmament and Security

  •  Rule of Law and Human Rights

  •  Peace and Development

  •  Migration and Integration

  •  Successful Peacekeeping examples

  •  Humanitarian Intervention

  •  Positive Journalism and Peace

  • Women and Conflict Mitigation

  • Politics and Good Governance

  • Successful United Nations Interventions

  • Nuclear Weapons Containment

  • Education and Peace

  • International Law and Transitional Justice

  • Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation

  • Effective Peace-building Techniques. 

We also welcome other suggestions for presentations on relevant topics of current research.

Those interested in submitting presentation proposals and/or paper abstracts must submit their applications by 15 March 2018, to the following email address:

Presenters will be notified if their topic has been selected by 15 April. It is hoped that the papers will be printed in a volume of conference proceedings. Conference registration will close on 15 April 2018. Please note: There will be a 100€ registration fee.

Presentation time is limited to 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions).

Invited Speakers:

Dr. Heinz Fischer, former President of Austria; Dr. David Malone, Rector, United Nations University; Mr. Farid Zarif, Special Representative for UNMIL; Dr. Michael Spindelegger, Director General ICPMD; Ms. Heidi Hulan, Ambassador of Canada to Austria; Dr. Alistair Edgar, Executive Director, Academic Council on the United Nations System; Professor Heinz Gaertner, University of Vienna; Mag. Gudrun Kramer, Director Austrian Study Centre for Peace; Mr. Mohammad Nizamuddin, Chair, Punjab Higher Education, Pakistan; Brigadier Walter Feichtinger, Austrian National Defence Academy; Dr. Adam Lupel, President, International Peace Institute; Professor Mike Hardy, Executive Director CTPRS, Coventry University; Mr. Aldo Lale Demoz, former Director, UNODC 

Hosted by: 

Academic Council on the United Nations System, Vienna Liaison Office and International Institute for Peace 

With Support From:

Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR),
Austrian Institute for Peace, Diplomatische Akademie Wien-Vienna School of International Studies, National Defense Academy, University of Vienna, University of Graz,
Sigmund Freud University Vienna, Coventry University United Kingdom, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non Proliferation, University of Punjab Lahore, Pakistan, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC)