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On Resilience and Escalation: The Syrian Impasse

  • Bruno Kreisky Forum (map)

In Cooperation with the Bruno Kreisky Forum, the Directorate for Security Policy, Federal Ministry of Defence, the Institute for Global Studies, Rome-Brussels and the Al Sharq Forum, Istanbul the International Institute for Peace (IIP) gladly announces this upcoming event.


·       SWOBODA Hannes, International Institute for Peace, Vienna

·       KHANFAR Wadah, Sharq Forum Istanbul


·       POSCH Walter, Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Management, Vienna


·       HILTERMANN Joost, International Crisis Group

·       LAIPSON Ellen, Stimson Center, DC

·       SAZHIN Vladimir, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow

·       SHAHVAR Soli, University of Haifa

·       PEDDE Nicola, Global Studies Institute


·       HARRER Gudrun, University of Vienna and der Standard


The MENA region does not lend itself to quick analysis. Widening and increasingly intersecting conflicts are having a deleterious impact on the region’s social fabric and its people. As a result, what happens in the region is no longer confined to it: radiating crises have started to infect relations between regional and global powers, forcing policymakers in world capitals to respond in pursuit of their nations’ strategic interests. The challenge is to untangle the knot of conflicts analytically: to understand how various historical strands have interacted to create the bewildering composite of conflict drivers and actors that pose myriad threats to local, regional and even global stability and then to articulate policy responses that chart paths toward de-escalation and, eventually, more sustainable arrangements for states’ and communities’ peaceful coexistence.


The Discussion will be held in English.


By participating in this event, you agree that any photos or recordings taken that include footage of your person may be published or used in any other way by the organizers of the event.