Expert Seminar on Korea

This morning, April 2nd, 2019 The International Institute for Peace (IIP) hosted in Vienna an expert workshop co-organized together with the Institute for National Security Strategy from Seul (South Korea). The discussion saw the participation of scholars and diplomats interested and involved in the current situation concerning the Korean peninsula.

The keynote speech was held by Sung Ki-Young, Senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Strategy (INSS). Welcoming remarks were made by Hannes Swoboda, President of the International Institute for Peace and former MEP, and by Jo Dongho, President of the INSS. The discussion was moderated by Heinz Gaertner, a member of the advisory board of the IIP in Vienna.

It was a valuable occasion to tackle issues with a delegation from South Korea such as the Trump-Kim summit, its outcome and meaning for South Korea. Other topics discussed were the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, its implications and meanings but also the Kim-Moon Summit and the rapprochement between North and South Korea. Finally, the experts discussed the role played by foreign countries and institutions such as the EU, US and China and their relationship with South Korea.