Afternoon Talk with Victor Ochen at UNIDO

As a part of his visit to Vienna the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in cooperation with the IIP, the Vienna International Development Network and Aphropean Partners, decided to invite Victor Ochen for an afternoon talk at their headquarters and give him the opportunity to share his inspiring thoughts on topics revolving the establishment of peaceful structures and the connection to industrial development as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As an ambassador for the United Nation’s SDGs and advisor to the UNHCR Victor Ochen is able to give profound insights into the concepts and backgrounds, but, more importantly, into how these goals can be implemented - especially locally and through the inclusion of the youth into decision making processes.

The talk was streamed live on UNIDO’s Facebook page (where it still can be watched). People from the audience and around the world were given the chance to ask Victor directly about his personal story and his insights on how peaceful conflict resolution can be organized. He answered the questions enthusiastically by saying the role of the youth on this planet is crucial in establishing a global peace regime and highlighted the chances and contributions especially Africa with its young population can bring to this process. Moreover, he said, trust, identity and the communication as well as meditation between them are key factors in peace building. He also shared a lot of his personal experiences, the cruelties done to his own family and told the story why he became a global peace advocate.