ANNO 2015: Sozioökonomie, Postdemokratie und Außenpolitik im Osten Europas

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This project is based on the original project which was started in 1992 and which was run predominantly by three institutions: The Austrian Academy of Sciences, the International Institute for Peace amd Labour Market and Employment Research Unit of the Science Centre for Social Research (WZB) and resulted in the publication of a book called "The Market Shock. An AGENDA for the Economic and Social Reconstruction of Central and Eastern Europe". It was edited by the AGENDA-Group (Jan Kregel, Egon Matzner and Gernot Grabher). It was first presented in press conferences in Prague, Vienna and Budapest followed by presentation in other eight countries and has also been translated into fifteen languages.


Project Titel:

Regional ramifications of socioeconomic factors determining the domestic and foreign policy in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary considering the implementation of neoliberal policies since the beginning of the transition process from the first halft of the 1990s.

The major questions of the research project to be answered are:

How the sustained implementation of neoliberal concepts since the beginning of the 1990s has shaped the socioeconomic situation in Eastern Europe as exemplified in the countries under consideration and

How the national specifics of the socioeconomic factors has affected the foreign policy und the geostrategic positioning in each of the cases. In methodological terms it is to be elaborated:

  • to what extent the conduct of neoliberal policies in the economy (starting with the shock therapy in the first half of the 1990s)
  • and the advancement of democratic procedures under postdemocracy’s conditions biased the establishment of political institutions and what the repercussions thereof on the state and the quality of the relevant human capital are.